Pics, mods, dyno graphs plus the 17" rear wheel swap report.
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This is Frans '87 FZX 750.
Here is an email he sent after buying it:

Hi Ricardo,
at last i am the proud owner of a '87 Fazer FZX 750.
i drove this beast home today for 35 kilometers at 7° C and lots of rain.
When hitting the throttle in the 3th gear I experienced what the Fazer is capable of.
(spinning on the middle of the highway like hell). this is something else as my old CB750.
I hope to get some dry moments soon, because this machine rides like a dream.
i have to get used to missing my foreward controls, but i havent fellt this good on a bike and having such fun as today for a long time.
See for yourselves.
Hey ricardo thanks alot again for your help and tips.
best regards

One more happy Fazer owner, don't you think? :-)))

Here is an update on Frans Fazer


- White Power front springs
- FZ 750 downpipe unit
- very small turn lights (?)
- short rearfender
- polished some things
- new stock paintjob

Way to go, Frans! Your Fazer looks better and better everyday. Keep one wheel down.

And another update on his Fazer. These dyno sheets speak for themselves...

"hey ricardo,
the guys there where surprised by the power of this old beast.
first run as it was, second run with a k&n filter.
look at the pictures for yourselves, next week i'm going for the jet kit.
hey, 95,5 horsepower without the kit and only the laser
and k&n, bear with me;-)
i'm curious what the jet kit will do to my baby."

Dyno graph 1
Dyno graph 2

And check out the new fairing Frans did himself for his Fazer. Does this look mean enough for you?

And after a ZXR 750 17" rear wheel conversion it looks like this

17" wheel 1
17" wheel 2

17" wheel 3

Notice the YZF750 stock exhaust can. Frans says it smooths the powerband on the low-end especially when runing a Dynojet.




This is the complete report Frans sent me, plus the pics he took of it. I hope this is of help to anyone wanting to do a 17" wheel swap. Frans is working on a 17" front wheel too, we'll wait for an update on that...
If this prooves to be useful and you want to thank someone, please email Frans


17" wheel conversion with a ZXR 750 type J wheel width 5,5" for tire 180/55 ZR17

i took all the stock parts of the kawasaki wheel including axle, all spacers/bushes and the complete brake set of the kawasaki, if you use the fzx brake you will have trouble with disk diameter and touching the inside of the wheel (i dont know for sure on this wheel but Ricardos ZZR wheel scraped at the stock caliper)

first i had somebody made a axle/pipe with 25 mm outside and 17,5 mm inside the length of this pipe is 240 mm ( that is the space you got between the swing legs!!!!)

this pipe goes inside the wheel and should be machined exactly to the measure of the wheelbearings or else you will have freeplay on the bearings.

the pipe is the part on pic2 that has all the small parts on it. the axle on pic2 is the stock fzx/fazer axle. the parts on pic 2 and 4 is everything you need to fit the wheel inside the swing.


now you could best forget the above, i will also this winter;-))

for everyone who is not willing to choose the pipe setup or do not trust this setup:

take the stock swing and modify it from a 17 mm axle (stock) into a 25 mm axle. this is also a lot of work but you can take the stock kawasaki 25 mm axle, i think it is a better setup and i will change it this winter.

the parts you dont have to change/machine etcetera:
- the Kawasaki stock Caliper including the caliper mount and the bush that goes into the needle bearing.
- the stock axle (when you choose to go for the pipe setup)

the parts you have to change/machine etcetera:
- the wheel
- the sprocket carrier
- the bush that goes into the sprocket carrier bearing
- a spacer disk between swing leg and sprocket carrier (left side bike when behind)
- the bush between the wheel and the caliper mount.



you have to machine the place were the brake disk is bolted to 5 millimeters smaller, so the brakedisk will go 5 millimeters to the inner side of the wheel. this has to be done very accurate and it needs a large machine bench to have the wheel in it.
it is not bad to leave the old bearings in the wheel it makes the positioning of the wheel into the machine a lot easier.

the sprocket carrier:

the sprocket carrier is best to machine in a bench with a claw with 4 grips or else you will not get it centered.
you have to machine the place were the sprocket is bolted to 10 millimeters smaller, so the sprocket will go 10 millimeters to the inner side of the wheel. this has to be done very accurately. you can cut the part of the carrier where the seal is fitted with a saw and have it flat machined in one can cut flat over the spring that secures the bearing it will be lost anyway ( both seal and the spring, take earings that are sealed on both sides.)

you have to get the bearing for 4,5 millimeters deeper into the sprocket carrier this is a little problem because the wall that keeps the bearing from falling through the carrier gets rather thin ( i think 4,5 millimeters deeper is the max you can do.)

because you get the bearing deeper in the carrier you have to machine the bush between carrier and wheelbearing (see on the axle in pic8 and the 2nd part from the right in pic 4) smaller on the larger side for exact the space that you lowered the bearing, i my case i lowered the bearing for 4,5 millimeters and i also made the spacer from 10 milimeters to 5,5 millimeters.


then you make a spacer with a thikness of 6 millimeters and inner hole of 25 millimeters and conical from the inner bearing ring to about 50 millimeters (part on the right on pic2 and 4)

you can see the parts mounted on the axle on pic 2 and in the wheel on pics 7 - 8 - 9 and 10.


PIC 10

the spacer between wheel and caliper mount:

it is also a stock kawasaki part and has to be machined to exactly 20 millimeters from outside to outside.(part right beside the caliper mount on pic 2 and 4) .

because the brake is on the downside you have to weld a mount for the torque bar on the downside of the swing.

See other pics below.

PIC 11

PIC 12

PIC 13



Since these mods were done, Frans did a 17" front wheel and 4pot calipers modifications, along with a FZR1000 engine!
Let's wait for the report...



04 SEP 2002
After a long wait, (ok I admit, my fault) here's the update on Frans Fazer.


List of total modifications

-  Rearwheel 17" x 5.5J zxr 750 type J
-  Complete rear brake system ZXR 750 type J
-  Steel brake hoses front and rear
-  Swingarm reinforced with steelplates where the 25 mm zxr axle goes through.
-  New seatcover, seat lowered 1 inch
-  Showa rear shocks
-  4 into 2 into 1 downpipes Ixil racing silencer.
-  1000 cc engine type 2RG from FZR 1000 1988 (UK import).
-  Dynojet tuningkit for FZR 1000 with fzx stock box and K&N filter
-  Frontwheel GSXF600 17" x 3.0J with stock fzx axle.
-  ZX9R 4 cilinder brake calipers
-  Aluminum adapters for ZX9R calipers ( special thanks to Carsten from Germany)

-  Streetfighter mirrors
-  Fixed handle bar (with rotacaps from an old opel engine)
-  Tires Metzeler MEZ3 190-50-17 rear and MEZ3 120-70-17 front
(i will go back to a 180/55/17 tire because i think the 190 is to large especially on a 5,5”rim)
-  Small halogen signal lights
-  LSL streetbar

General view
General view 2

Side view left

Side view right

Front end

Calipers close up
Front view
Rear view

Rear view 2

Rear end close up - Wheel, Exhaust



May 2003

Check out the latest upgrades Frans made to his Fazer. ZXR400 front end, FZR1000 rear end and a monoshock converted frame.

1 - 2 - 3

This is Frans at the track showing what Fazers are capable of.


I said it before and I say it again:
Congratulations my friend on a wonderful piece of motorcycle art.
The love and hard work you put into making your Fazer a better machine is really something to be admired.

Ricardo Damazio